Our independent quality control division is taking on the various roles to assure production quality and striving to provide scientifically safe products.
Our goal is to improve safety and reliability every day by establishing an effective management system while taking initiatives to foster a culture that gives importance to quality.
Tea that is not just delicious but also safe. We deliver fresh and safe tea 365 days a year.


Our company strives for quality control by outsourcing inspection of the residual pesticides and analysis of the bacteria to the Japan Food Research Laboratories. We also carry out color and analytical tests, and sensory test to maintain quality. Stringent inspections are implemented for organically grown tea.

Inspection items

Sensory Inspection

The original quality of tea such as the appearance, flavor, aroma and light blue hue is inspected by several tea judging specialists.

Bacteriological Examination

We conduct bacterial tests to analyze general viable bacteria count, coliform group count, coliform count and staphylococcus aureus, and always chemically analyze the safety of our products.

Inspection for Radioactivity

All the tea handled by our company is tested to confirm that radioactivity is not detected.

Pesticide Residue Tests

Pesticide residue tests are conducted for all the products handled by our company.



The cultivation management records of tea growers are checked, with particular emphasis on the section related to pesticides. We have established a system for tracking the date and time of production, raw materials, and even the cultivation status of farmers from the lot number printed on the product that the customer receives. The "Traceability Records" received from the suppliers is checked to verify the cultivation methods, processing methods and management at the tea gardens to ensure that the raw materials used comply with the rules and regulations.




Traceability records

- Information of tea gardens where tea is cultivated and cultivation records
- Information of farmers
- Management records of raw tea production

Our Company

Our Company

Production Control Record of Finished Tea
Certificate of Producing Area
Certificate of Manufacturing
Safety of Raw Materials Pledge
Standard Documents

* We will provide the information after asking you about the necessity.

Customer(Tea retailers, manufacturers and trading companies, etc.)

Customer(Tea retailers, manufacturers and trading companies, etc.)

We will deliver safe and reliable tea


Complete control of temperature and humidity using large freezers

The tea leaves harvested each year are put in the bags filled with nitrogen, and stored in special freezers at 0℃ (±1℃) with humidity less than 50% to maintain the freshness of the new leaves.
Storing in proper temperature in the freezers for a certain period of time matures tea leaves and enhances umami in them, resulting in teas rich and mellow in taste.