We carefully select and purchase tea from all over Japan, mainly from Uji, Kyoto, and offer an extensive line-up of high-quality tea products.
We will introduce our standard product lineup in this page.
Apart from this, we are flexible to purchase good tea leaves wherever available to provide and develop products that meet the needs of our customers.
We offer custom-made blends that satisfy our most discerning customers.


Tea is ground using our custom-made pulverizers and millstones.


Grade and use
Grade High-quality
premium tea
premium tea
high-grade tea
high-grade tea
standard tea
First flush tea First flush tea Second flush tea Second flush tea Third flush tea
Flavor Sweetness:Strong
Color Bright and vibrant blue-green Bright and vibrant blue-green Bright and vibrant green Slightly dull green Slightly yellowish green
Use Tea ceremony
Premium sweets and lattes
Premium sweets and lattes Sweets and lattes Sweets
Bakery products
Baked sweets
Bakery products


Kyoto Uji Matcha Green Tea


The tea products in this series have lower bacterial counts compared to regular powdered matcha as they are made from genuine tencha. The refined and rich flavors produced by the mellow and full-bodied taste of Uji matcha tea products make this series worthy of the name of Uji Matcha produced in Kyoto Prefecture.

Only the tea grown in the neighborhood of Uji, Kyoto is used
The mild taste and richness give this tea a mellow and full-bodied taste
Only genuine tencha tea leaves grown by the Uji Method are used

Recommended use
Tea ceremony/Premium lattes/Sweets and food preparations

Organic Matcha


Organic matcha in this series has satisfied customers who are highly conscious of their health both in Japan and overseas. Our company was the first in the industry to work on the cultivation of organic tea together with tea growers, and our experience and knowledge, as well as our procurement routes enable us to ensure a stable supply.

100% organic tea is used, which clears stringent screening by an organic certification organization
Stable supply of world-class high-quality matcha

Suggested use
Tea ceremony/Lattes/Sweets and food preparations/Bakery products

Disinfected Uji Matcha


Sterilized using a sterilizer that is also used by major food manufacturers, makes this tea suitable to be used with food ingredients that are not processed by heating.

Suitable for foods where bacterial count concerns need to be addressed, such as foods that are not heated
The quality of matcha is maintained at a level comparable to regular matcha in terms of both flavor and color, with a method that minimizes deterioration (color fading) of the tea quality.

Suggested use
Frozen desserts/Unbaked desserts/Beverages

Heat-Resistant Uji Matcha


This series has superior heat-resistance compared to conventional matcha, as the matcha is blended with chlorella.

Matcha is vulnerable to heat and light, and tends to fade easily. Blending with chlorella helps reduce the fading of matcha due to heat.

Suggested use
Bakery products/Confectionery


Selected Original Matcha
(Japan Matcha)


Only raw materials selected by our company from carefully identified tea growing areas are used for this matcha series.

Suggested use
Tea ceremony/Premium lattes/Sweets and food preparations


Tea is ground using special pulverizers and millstones.

Powdered hojicha (roasted green tea)
[organic variety available]

Hojicha, widely popular for its unique aromatic flavor and low caffeine content, is processed into a powdered form, like matcha. Hojicha with its unique aromatic flavor can be used as an ingredient in sweets and hojicha lattes. The following 3 types are available. You can make your original blend by mixing kuki hojicha and hojicha according to your choice.
● Powdered gyokuro kuki hojicha (hojicha made from stems of gyokuro or aromatic green tea) (stems of gyokuro and tencha tea leaves are used):The aroma of hojicha is accentuated by the flavor of gyokuro and tencha tea leaves to give this tea a luxurious feel.
● Powdered Kyoto hojicha:First flush of gyokuro and tencha tea leaves, including the carefully-selected tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto, are used.
● Powdered hojicha

Powdered gyokuro (aromatic green tea)

The flavor of high-grade gyokuro is maintained in its powdered form. This product is recommended for Japanese-style and Western confectionery that makes use of the full-bodied and rich flavor of gyokuro. We use aged "kuradashi gyokuro", which is kept in cold storage for 6 months after the new tea is picked in May. The most distinctive feature of this tea is its "refined sweetness". "Kuradashi gyokuro" is a masterpiece among premium Uji tea. Enjoy the mellow and refined sweetness of genuine Uji gyokuro.

Powdered sencha (ordinary green tea)
[organic variety available]

The balance of the moderate astringency and umami unique to sencha is maintained in its powdered form. Sencha can be used as an ingredient when manufacturing confectionary, or can be consumed by brewing in hot water. Sencha is appealing because it goes smoothly down your throat. You can feel the natural astringency as you enjoy the tea's refreshing taste. Unlike the deep green color of matcha, sencha has a beautiful bright yellowish green tinge that represents traditional Japanese tea.

Black tea powder

Processing black tea into its powdered form is a very convenient and easy way of using the flavor of black tea for all kinds of Japanese-style and Western confectionery. The following 2 types are available.
● Powdered Uva tea:A premium tea produced in the highlands of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. Along with Darjeeling tea and Keemun tea, it is one of the 3 most famous teas in the world.
● Earl Grey tea powder

Japanese black tea powder

Black tea made from Japanese tea leaves is processed into its powdered form. This slightly bitter mild tea goes well with both Japanese and Western sweets.

New tea in powdered form, available only for limited time

This powdered tea contains only the ""first flush tea"" made from first harvested fresh buds of that year. You can enjoy the freshness and strong aroma that only new tea can offer.


Gyokuro (aromatic green tea) [organic variety available]
Gyokuro (aromatic green tea)
[organic variety available]

Gyokuro is made from fresh tea buds grown in a shaded tea plantation that is shielded from sunlight for at least 20 days. Gyokuro has a unique ""covered aroma"" that reminds one of seaweed, and is characterized by rich aroma, mild sweetness and umami. Gyokuro is known to be one of the most premium teas in the world.

Kabusecha (shaded tea) [organic variety available]
Kabusecha (shaded tea)
[organic variety available]

The tea leaves are grown in a shaded area, like Gyokuro for a period of 10 days. This tea has both, the fresh aroma of sencha and the taste of gyokuro with a touch of sweetness and umami.

Sencha (ordinary green tea)[Organic variety available]
Sencha (ordinary green tea)
[Organic variety available]

Tea leaves grown under the sun in open-air tea plantations are rubbed into a needle shape to make sencha. The tea is characterized by a refreshing aroma and refined astringency. This is the most widely consumed tea in Japan, accounting for approximately 70% of all tea distribution.

Hojicha (roasted green tea)[organic variety available]
Hojicha (roasted green tea)
[organic variety available]

Hojicha is made by roasting sencha (ordinary green tea), bancha (low-grade green tea), and kukicha (stem tea) with intense heat to bring out their distinctive aroma. Since a temperature close to 200°C is used for roasting, hojicha has a low caffeine content and is safe for consumption by babies and pregnant women. The light refreshing taste cleanses the palate after an oily meal.

Kuki hojicha (Bo hojicha) (roasted green tea made of leaf stems)[organic variety available]
Kuki hojicha (Bo hojicha) (roasted green tea made of leaf stems)
[organic variety available]

Kuki hojicha is prepared by collecting and roasting the stems of tea plants, giving the tea a fragrant aroma, sweetness, and a wholesome flavor.

Kukicha (stem tea)〔有機あり〕
Kukicha (stem tea)
[organic variety available]

This tea is made from a collection of stems of tea plants with a unique fresh aroma and a variety of flavors depending on the type. Kukicha that contains only the stems of gyokuro is gaining popularity because of its well-rounded flavor.

Genmaicha (brown rice tea) [organic variety available]
Genmaicha (brown rice tea)
[organic variety available]

Genmaicha is a popular tea made by mixing roasted rice with sencha (ordinary green tea) or bancha (low-grade green tea). The fragrance of roasted rice and the refreshing taste of sencha go together well, making the tea easy to drink for everyone.


If tea is stored with other foods, the smell from the food is transferred to the tea and the original aroma of the tea may reduce by half.
After much research on preservation methods, we ship tea in our original aluminum zipper bags specially designed for Japanese tea.
Once you open the zipper, squeeze out the air, and close the zipper tightly to store.
Feel free to get in touch with us for further details on the preservation method.


The following are the main tea-producing regions from where we purchase tea. We ensure a stable supply of tea leaves, by securing suppliers of high-quality tea from all over Japan, mainly “Uji, Kyoto”, to fulfil the needs of our customers.
We also purchase tea from other regions across Japan based on requests from customers. Kindly contact us for more information.

Tea growers and
tea-growing regions contracted by
Hotta Katsutaro Shoten

Developing Our Own Distribution Routes

We have secured distribution channels by visiting numerous tea-producing regions in pursuit of high-quality tea and purchasing tea directly from contracted tea growers across Japan, mainly Uji, Kyoto. We are also a designated bidder for Kyoto Prefecture, which allows us to flexibly purchase not only tea leaves that are publicly traded, but also good tea leaves whenever they are available, thereby enabling us to develop a wider range of tea products. Our ability to purchase various tea leaves allows us to supply products that meet the preferences of customers. Get in touch with us for delectable tea leaves or powdered teas that provide assurance of safety and reliable quality.

Evolving Together with Tea Growers

Our partnership with tea growers is not limited to buying and selling tea. We regularly visit tea gardens, discuss with tea growers, and share valuable information that is difficult for tea growers to obtain by themselves, such as information on production of tea that meets customer demands and final products. Thus, by enhancing communication, we have established a close association with tea growers. The trust that we have developed with the tea growers enables us to purchase various tea leaves directly from them and ensure a stable supply.