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As a result of growing interest in Japanese flavors throughout the world, powdered green tea or matcha has become essential for both Japanese and Western-style confectionery industries. To supply authentic Japanese flavors, which have long been enjoyed by both men and women of all generations, our in-house appraisers rigorously screen fresh tea leaves, examining their aroma as well as exquisite balance of savor and astringency .
Our powdered green tea (matcha) is used by many celebrated pastry chefs, as well as leading food manufacturers all over Japan. We provide them with special matcha processed and blended in accordance with individual specifications.
Featuring rich and refined flavor, exceptionally fragrant aroma and lush deep green color, our Uji matcha (powdered green tea) is ideal for tea drinks and as ingredient for both Japanese and Western-style confectionery.
Our organic matcha uses authentic organic tea, cultivated without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. All our organic products have gained JAS certification. Our organic matcha features modest astringency, mild sweetness and refreshing aftertaste. The organic tea product is good for baked confectionery since it is more heat-resistant than ordinary matcha.

To develop a wide variety of applications of matcha, we have blended chlorella in this product. From among the many varieties of chlorella, we have selected one that does not deteriorate tea flavor. Adding chlorella is effective in long maintaining the color of green tea since the material is vulnerable to heat and loses its original color with the passing of time. We can fine-tune the amount of chlorella in accordance with individual customers' requests, so please inform us of your specific requirements.
At Hotta Katsutaro Shoten, we use a super-heated steam sterilizer for powders and granules (KPU), which is also used by many major food manufacturers. Using KPU, we sterilize tea powders and granules by injecting super-heated steam for an instant (4-5 seconds). While having sufficient disinfecting effect, KPU is advantageous in retaining the original color and flavor of the green tea. Disinfected matcha is good for unbaked desserts, particularly those containing fresh cream.

In response to changing market demands, in addition to traditional tea leaves for making hot tea in teapots, we supply teabags and tea powder. Moreover, we supply a wide variety of tea, including sencha (ordinary green tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea). In response to individual customers' demands, we also process tea leaves for use in PET bottle/canned drinks, teabags, confectionery, etc.
Tea was introduced to Japan from China by Priest Eisai (1141 - 1215), the founder of the Rinzai Sect of Zen Buddhism. Upon receiving tea plant seeds from Eisai, Priest Myoe (1173 - 1232) sowed them in Toganoo in Kyoto. Although tea was first used as a medicine, around the mid-Edo period (1603 - 1868), members of the general public began to enjoy drinking tea.
With the spread of the custom of drinking tea, it became necessary to blend various types of tea leaves to satisfy specific customer preference. Tea business developed in Uji, Kyoto, because tea processing, blending and appraisal technologies evolved there ahead of other production centers in Japan. Ever since, Uji has been a distribution center of tea leaves and tea products. The exclusive processing and blending technology developed in Uji helped to establish Uji Tea brand as the highest-quality tea in Japan.
A wide variety of green tea products have been developed in Japan in accordance with consumers' preference and different dietary habits of individual regions. As a result, we now have gyokuro (aromatic green tea), sencha (ordinary green tea), kukicha (stem tea), hojicha (roasted green tea) and bancha (coarse green tea). The processing techniques of most of these products were developed primarily in Uji. Recently, ways of making and drinking tea have changed as a result of the invention of new products such as teabags and PET bottled tea. In addition to enjoying a diversity of tea products, using the same tea leaves, you can also enjoy different flavor and aroma by simply changing the temperature of hot water.
The fact that tea was used as a medicine in its early history indicates its efficacy for health promotion. The primary constituent of green tea is catechin, which makes green tea astringent . Catechin is a type of polyphenol - a natural antioxidant. Theanine, a type of amino acid contained in no other food but tea, is the main component responsible for umami (one of the five basic tastes; meaning savoriness) and is believed to have a relaxing effect.
At Hotta Katsutaro Shoten, we supply a wide variety of green tea products in response to individual customers' demands and preference. Our tea appraisers, who have both many years of experience and exceptional professional expertise, are ready to tailor specific tea products to match customer needs.