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To steadily supply fresh tea leaves of stable quality, we keep picked tea leaves in nitrogen-charged packages and store them in a refrigerated storehouse, where the temperature and humidity are maintained between -2 and 0 degrees Celsius and below 50% respectively throughout the year. From this storehouse, we take only the necessary amount of tea leaves for processing and blending. In this way, we constantly supply a steady volume of fresh tea leaves of stable quality.

At Hotta Katsutaro Shoten, we purchase fresh tea leaves directly from tea growers in various parts of Japan. Because of the rational logistics system that we have established by eliminating complex broker systems, we can supply high-quality fresh tea leaves at the most reasonable prices.

Hotta Katsutaro Shoten maintains strong partnerships with contracted tea growers. In addition to purchasing their products, we provide them with information on advanced cultivation technologies and optimal fertilizers, as well as market demands. Sharing essential information that is difficult for tea growers to obtain by themselves, we assist them to improve their production efficiency. Such close partnerships with growers enable us to purchase their products directly and to maintain stable market supply.